Creatively Working Out With Your Dog

How to work out with your dog

In this time of uncertainty and home quarantine, it’s critical to our sanity and that of our pups that we get out and keep moving (while, of course, maintaining our social distancing). In a recent online survey, 85% of dog owners said they are more active because of their fur babies. 47% said they wanted to be more active with their dog in 2020. Beyond the basic walking, it’s time to get creative with our pups. From doing “doga” with downward dog poses alongside your dog, to giving ear scratches while standing on one leg, this guide will give you some ideas of how you can spend active time with your dog while taking care of yourself at the same time.

Dr. Gary Richter, a veterinary health expert on Rover’s Dog People Panel, recommends at least 30-45 minutes of exercise for your dog per day, though he says energy levels can vary from dog to dog. For instance, a Jack Russell Terrier might need to run for hours, whereas a Shih Tzu may be content with 30 minutes. Dr. Gary also says many dogs will let their owners know how much exercise they need.

So, what does that look like in real terms? Think about taking a walk with your dog and intersperse lunges, squats, side-stepping and balancing for 30 seconds on one leg. Want something more challenging? Add a therapy band around your ankles for extra resistance during your static exercises. Add some hand weights and now you can alternate arm and leg days on your walks. For arms, think bicep curls, overhead press, sideways and forward arm lifts, arm circles and push ups. Generally, create the program that is right for you and mix it up. Create a program where you have a 10-15 minute routine and then repeat that 2-3x before your walk is done. Enjoy this time with your pup and you’ll both come home feeling like you’ve gotten what you need.