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    The Schroth Method

    About The Schroth Method

    What is it

    What is The Schroth Method?

    The original Schroth is a conservative, 3-dimensional exercise approach to the treatment of scoliosis and postural dysfunction first introduced in Germany in the 1920’s by Katharina Schroth. It teaches 3-dimensional correction of the spine and its exercises have been termed PSSE (Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercises). In Europe, over the past 80 years, the Schroth Method has become the standard non-surgical treatment for scoliosis, though it was not brought to the USA until 2008. It is currently supported across Europe and is gaining a strong reputation in the United States for its effective and positive outcomes.

    Other European schools such as the Barcelona Method (BSPTS-Rigo Concept), Lyon Method (France) and SEAS (Italy) Method have integrated their research and outcomes from the original concepts of C.L. Schroth to further enhance the techniques available to us for patients with spinal conditions.

    What’s The Story With The Body Blocks?

    The blocks represent the 3D nature of a scoliosis.

    The blocks are shifted and rotated to represent the regions of the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacrum / pelvis) that are laterally, posteriorly and anteriorly rotated with respect to one’s curve pattern.

    The smaller side of the block represents the concave side of a curve, and the wider (and taller) side of the block represents the convex side of a curve.

    Beauty in Motion

    Common questions about your scoliosis and how Schroth can make a difference

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