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    Welcome to ScolioAustin

    Welcome to our clinic and learn more about what we do


    • • Individuals who want to work with a specialized therapist that can help them get better right away. No more frustration seeking therapist after therapist trying different approaches. We understand the 3 dimensions of your body and, because we provide unique programs for all our patients, we will be able to tell quickly if we are on the right track. If we don’t feel like we can be of help to you after the evaluation, you will not be charged.
    • • Individuals experiencing orthopedic issues who have either gone through limited success in other clinics or are seeking a private one on one approach that will get them better faster, without the ordinary hassles seen in most clinics.
    • • Active individuals looking for injury prevention and assessment of muscle imbalances
    • • Individuals who have had limited success at other clinics with “traditional” physical therapy. We offer Dry Needling, Cupping, manual therapy integrated with Pilates concepts to meet multiple goals.
    • • Individuals who are either new or experienced with the Schroth Method but would like a deeper understanding of their curve, their ongoing practice or assess if there have been any changes.
    • • Individuals who have gone through a surgery for their spine conditions but have never really understood the muscle imbalances at the root cause of the pain.
    • • Individuals who want to learn how to reduce and even improve their curve through a healthy balance of integrated breathing techniques, neuromuscular re-education, balance improvement and Pilates practice.
    • • Individuals with scoliosis and postural dysfunction.
    • • Individuals wearing braces or trying avoid bracing.
    • • Pre-operatively for those who would like to ensure a quicker recovery afterwards
    • • Post-op surgical patients that are now either feeling pain returning, muscle weakness or postural worsening with age
    • • People that want to be informed and take control of their health


      • • We are pleased to provide each patient with individualized 1:1 sessions for 50-75 minutes. We spend an extended period of time with you at the initial consult to ensure that our evaluations are thorough, educational and send you home with functional activities you can start right away.
      • • My clinic is the perfect size. You are the only client working at your scheduled time to ensure minimal distractions or interruptions. We never overlap or double book as most clinics do.
      • • At ScolioAustin, we ensure that our interventions and treatment plans are practical, efficient and most of all, functional. We believe that less is more so you will not find cardio equipment, E-stim, ultrasound or ice machines in our clinic. We believe that people will improve more quickly if they are taught how to properly use their body weight as resistance which also means better compliance because there is less reliance on big equipment. The equipment we use includes Schroth wall bars, the highest quality of Balanced Body Pilates equipment and a Core Align. We appreciate simple items such as Therapy balls, bands, gliders, Kinesio Tape, yoga blocks etc. to allow for better proprioception, kinesthetic awareness and whole-body activation and alignment.
      • • We document each home exercise program through videos and photos which are then uploaded to our exercise-friendly app, PhysiApp. Each client will receives their own personalized library of exercises, complete with detailed instructions that makes it easy to access on their smartphone or tablet. Of course, exercises can also be printed for those who prefer it.
      • • Scheduling that meets your needs means whether you want to come in 1x/month for check ups, 1-2 times a week or every other week, we will make it work. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals within the time frame that makes sense for you. For our out-of-town guests, we also offer 2-4 day intensive sessions.
      • • Treatment that is right for you in the time that works for you. We are not limited by insurance demands therefore the sky is the limit. Your best outcomes only require an understanding of your goals and your dedication to achieve them.
      • • With ScolioAustin, you will get over 25 years of outpatient orthopedic and clinical experience. Each of our therapists are seasoned professionals and experts in their respective fields. While Danielle is able to offer the additional benefit of collaborating wellness approaches such as SEAS, Schroth, Lyon and Pilates to address the needs of our scoliosis clientele, Cassie is also a board certified manual therapist with superior orthopedic assessment and treatment skills to fast track all her patients towards their goals.


      • • If you are seeking purely physical therapy intervention and are a Medicare B participant/recipient, unfortunately current Medicare laws restrict me from providing physical therapy in a private pay model. I am legally able to integrate strength training and Pilates therapy within a private pay model, but please know that that is unlikely to be eligible by insurance for any possible reimbursement.
      • • For clients needing therapy or wellness services outside of my scope of practice or specialty areas, I am grateful to have a solid list of exceptional therapists and colleagues to whom I refer, both locally as well as internationally. I am happy to facilitate those referrals to get you in with them as quickly as possible.
      • • For clients wishing to use their insurance at time of service, unfortunately we are not in-network with most providers but we are pleased to provide you with superbills which can be easily self-submitted to most insurances on-online. Please note that you will likely be reimbursed for using an out-of-network provider but occasionally you can petition your insurance company to use a “Gap clause” which accepts ScolioAustin as in-network once we have provided you with a justification letter that shows the unique qualifications and treatment experience of our clinicians.

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