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    Physical Therapists are experts in the understanding how the body moves and how each separate body part moves in relation to the other. Our goals are to promote an effective alignment of the body in all 3 planes to assist in better joint mobility and energy efficiency.

    We may not even notice it but, if one area of our body is out of alignment, it can often cause pain in another part of the body as part of a natural chain reaction of compensation patterns. As movement specialists, we assess and analyze how your body is moving in relation to itself and gravity so that we can resolve these problems before they cause irreversible damage.

    It is the job of a good Physical Therapist to discover the underlying cause of dysfunction and pain, and then prescribe the right exercises and techniques for healing in the most efficient way possible.

    Exceptional Orthopedic experience:

    Regardless of whether you are trying to gain strength, improve your posture, avoid bracing/surgery, recovering from surgery or dealing with the long-term effects that can often come from scoliosis, ScolioAustin provides you with 20+ years of manual therapy, clinical reasoning and specialized certifications (ISST, BSPTS, SEAS, SSOL, McKenzie, NAOIMT) in spinal rehabilitation that will meet your needs and provide you with the understanding and confidence to live your best life with the strongest spine.

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