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    What is Physical Therapy?

    Physical Therapists have gone through extensive years of education to become experts in the science and study of human body mechanics. We assess and analyze not only how and why we move as it relates to injuries, but also how we can successfully assist our patients in regaining movement that is efficient and effective for long-term health.

    When one area of the body is out of alignment, it can often cause a chain reaction of other areas of the body which will end up compensating up and down the mechanical chain, whether we are aware of it or not.

    It is the job of a good Physical Therapist to discover the underlying cause of dysfunction and pain, and then create the optimal exercise program and use of manual therapy techniques to create optimal body healing.

    Our Programs

    Scoliosis Specific Physical Therapy & Exercise Programs

    At ScolioAustin, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. We are as dedicated to reducing your curve as you are.

    Early intervention is the key.

    We start with a DISCOVERY VISIT so we can find out what your main problems, fears, concerns, frustrations, concerns and goals are.

    Schroth is becoming one of the fastest-growing, nationally recognized leaders in conservative, non-surgical scoliosis treatment.

    Let us teach you how to build both your mind AND your body to build a beautiful, strong spine!

    Get to know us

    12 Outstanding Reasons to Work With a ScolioAustin Schroth Therapist
    • 1. One-on-one, dedicated, hour-long treatment sessions to you and only you.
    • 2. Consistency with the SAME scoliosis trained physical therapist each time to ensure the highest quality of care
    • 3. A comprehensive assessment of your imaging, your health history, current function and your goals. We are trained to read, measure and interpret x-rays in order to ensure you understand where your baseline is.
    • 4. A photo series for initial and comparative images that will be documented throughout the program to help you see your progress
    • 5. Detailed explanation of your classification and body blocks to define your primary and secondary curve
    • 6. An introduction to your postural habits and adaptations for activities of daily living to improve your alignment on Day 1!
    • 7. Understanding of the key elements of your unique program, designed with you in mind, toward your specific goals
    • 8. A personal binder dedicated to all your program resources that will build as you go along in your program.
    • 9. A uniquely designed program that incorporates up to date science to maximize your outcomes.
    • 10. A Therapist who understand the natural progression and risks of scoliosis, whether you’re trying to avoid surgery or trying to heal from one.
    • 11. A program that will encourage recreation and sports based on biomechanics and return you to the lifestyle you want.
    • 12. 24/7 access to your therapist to address concerns and frustrations as they arise

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