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Conservative, Scoliosis specific physical therapy using Schroth Methods specific for your curve

Discovery Visit

Getting Started

Have you or your child been diagnosed with Scoliosis or other spinal deformities that cause back pain and anxiety about things getting worse in the future? If so, you are not alone. Research shows that 3-5% of the population shares your diagnosis and, yet, helpful information and conservative treatment options that stray from the “wait and see” approach have been hard to come by. Have you struggled to find the right information about how to proceed after the diagnosis or how to prevent the curve from getting worse? This can be a frustrating, almost paralyzing, time if you don’t have anywhere to turn for quality answers.

A good place to start is with a DISCOVERY CALL. This no-commitment, 30 minute consultation gives us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and find out what your main concerns and goals are so that we can ensure the Schroth Method is a good fit for your needs.

Our ultimate mission is to provide you with the best pro-active and conservative treatment options using the Schroth Method and to create programs that are uniquely-designed with your goals in mind.

Our vision is that we are able to create a resource-rich, scoliosis-specialized wellness center that provides evidence-based, scoliosis specific treatment options to enhance people’s mental and physical health while avoiding costly and invasive medical or surgical options. With this in mind, we are pleased to provide a breadth of options for our clients including scoliosis specific, individualized Schroth -based programs, our Scoliosis Power Pilates programs or our Scoliosis Strength Training Bootcamps. In addition, As of July 11, 2022, we are very pleased to welcome Kristie Waters, LMT who will be joining our team. With over 20 years of myofascial body work, Kristie brings a breadth of experience that is perfect for those patients who also need a massage therapist who understands the specific needs of their spine and can easily communicate with their therapist to focus on specific problem areas.

PLEASE NOTE: In these ever-changing times, we respect and follow all CDC recommendations for our treatment sessions. We also follow all guidelines set out by the City of Austin Public Health system. If you have any concerns or special needs, please let us know prior to your appointment.


What to Expect

Build a strong, powerful and balanced spine. At ScolioAustin, we understand scoliosis pain and frustration. You may have been told there’s nothing you can do, and that is one opinion, but that isn’t how we feel. With 20+ years of clinical experience and specialized scoliosis certifications, we take the time and effort you need to find the perfect avenue to strengthen your body and your mind whether it’s through our scoliosis specific, individualized Schroth -based programs, our Scoliosis Power Pilates programs or our Scoliosis Strength Training Bootcamps. Regardless of which program you choose, we have a strong emphasis on evidence-based research to guide us on how to achieve your specific goals. That’s why it feels so good to tell you that there is hope, it’s never too late and we’ll be there to walk you through it every step of the way regardless of how old you are or when you were diagnosed.

The Schroth Method is more than just physical therapy exercises. We teach lifestyle changes that will enhance the way you sit, stand, move and function on a daily basis so that you can create a strong mind AND a beautiful, strong spine even when you are not exercising!

We will start with an initial evaluation that will test your strength, posture, endurance, balance and breathing capabilities. Then we will take multi-directional photos and discuss your x-rays so that you get a full understanding of your curve type and how the physical therapy program will be structured uniquely for you. Danielle takes you through your posture and alignment so that you can make changes to your day to day habits and behaviors. Then we begin building length, strength and stability, asymmetrically, to provide your body with what it needs to maintain those improvements for you. She works closely with her patients and families to build strong, progressive programs that move each patient towards their goals and the ability to carry on with their program independently after graduation from the Schroth Program.

When you work with Danielle, you are getting an experienced and highly trained physical therapist who has specialized in spine and postural conditions for over 20 years. With Danielle leading you through the Schroth Method of breathing, postural re-education, functional retraining and asymmetrical strengthening, you will experience a new level of body-awareness and movement that you have never had before. Danielle has been not only trained in the German ISST Schroth Method but also the BSPTS Schroth Method, the Italian SEAS Method and the French Lyon Method. She is also a McKenzie and NAIMT trained therapist.


Patient Testimonials

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"Danielle is great! My daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis in August. After meeting with the doctor and finding out about this type of physical therapy I search online and found Danielle. I called and left her a message and she called me back within a couple of hours and found a place in her schedule to meet with us. We are very pleased with the outcome so far and will continue with her as long as needed to help stop the progression."


Paige Morrison

"Danielle is fantastic. Her explanations are very clear and she’s willing to take the time to answer ALL my questions… unlike the MDs I’ve seen who just push surgery.

Danielle gently pushes me hard… and I appreciate it because I want to avoid back surgery!!!

I’m 63 and have seen oodles of PTs for back pain since being diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12. No one has come close to having the knowledge and expertise of Danielle. I wish I had worked with someone like her 40-50 years ago! I’m looking forward to next week’s appointment!"


Tamra Zehner

"I am forever grateful to my physical therapist because he referred me to ScolioAustin! Danielle helped me so much. Before her I was always told there was nothing you could do for my scoliosis, I met her and she gave me hope. At first the exercises were difficult for me. Now Danielle taught me how to breathe into my left lung!! She is amazing and my daughter told me my posture improved a lot. I highly recommend her. We are so lucky she is here in Austin."


Victoria Li

Take Control of Your Curve

The Schroth Method is an approach for treating scoliosis that uses customized exercises (PSSE - Physiotherapy Specific Scoliosis Exercises) & breathing techniques that are uniquely designed to help stabilize and reduce scoliosis curvatures. Most conventional exercise are done the same on both sides of the body but PSSE are applied unilaterally and designed to help correct the imbalances of the scoliosis spine by lengthening and strengthening the weakened muscles on the inside of the curvatures, so you can stop worrying about future problems, ongoing curve progression and anxiety about how the things you do on a daily basis might be causing more damage to your spine.


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